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Mandurah accommodation: A Traveler’s Haven for the Most Amazing Holiday in the World

This Mandurah Accommodation post contains general observations on Mandurah, its people, wildlife  and eateries.

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Being an avid traveler, I completely agree to what St. Augustine says ‘The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page’. Travelling makes you a better person, so,  one of the best ways to become a better person is to travel.

Recently I was on an amazing trip to the island continent – Australia and to be specific, to Perth which has good tourist attractions. And I feel delighted to have been to one of the world’s best tourist destination in Perth called Mandurah. Mandurah’s accommodations offer great deals and good last minute packages to tourists of all sorts.

I was amazed to find myself in the city, which refers itself as a city which is excited about its future and as such I have experienced such excitement that runs all along its diverse landscape. As I entered the city, I at once fell in love with the peaceful and scenic landscape. It offers a plethora of tourist attractions. Its vast 50 km coastline truly enthralled me. No need to worry about budget, as I found that it has cheap as well as luxurious accommodations based on the tourist’s feasibility. If you want to go for cheaper accommodations, then you have cottages to rent, hotel rooms, holiday house and country cottages.


For the high end tourists, the city also offers best holiday accommodations like luxury villas and self-catering cottages.

Through one of my good acquaintances I came to know about hotelscombined and via this travel website, I got an exceptional accommodation hotel called Bellavista Bed and Breakfast, which suited my pre requisites. There were other options for me too like the Waters Edge Luxury at Mandurah – By The Estuary & Forte Mandurah Quay Resort which are high end accommodation alternatives. But I preferred Bellavista Bed and Breakfast which comes under the middle order. These luxury hotels provide self-catering options with advanced facilities like microwave, internet, etc. Other mid-range accommodations are also available like Bellavista Bed and Breakfast, Seashells Mandurah, and the Sebel Mandurah.

Bellavista Bed and Breakfast is scenically located in the meadows spring. The lovely golf course spread behind the hotel offers a great option for all those golf lovers. I found this particular place to be very peaceful. It is also a famous destination among golfers as it has seven golf courses and area being named as Golf Coast. The day I checked in, there was wonderful breakfast spread which gushingly spoiled me. And true to believe, while on a walk to the golf course I found a family of kangaroos grazing lazily on the ground. That snap with kangaroos would be a memorable picture to cherish for. One thing which was not available was the transportation facility. I could not find a shuttle service very near to the hotel.

By visiting this city I also got to know about the confusing climate of Western Australia. The sky will be clear and suddenly you find clouds which rain down and again a clear sky welcomes you. The weather to me is unpredictable.

To quench your hunger I just tumbled upon many eateries spread across in its market place. The alfresco brunch at a foreshore café was amazing. The grilled sea food was tantalizing. There are restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and retail outlets. They can be reached by a stroll way which is almost one km from the hotel. For wine lovers it is a great place to discover the best wines so far along the Peel Wine Trail. Boutique wineries with reds and whites are great and among them I liked the Sauvignon Blanc.

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No need to carry a map with you because the signboards are enough for your guidance. On the first day, I went to the Mandurah bridge, where I took a stroll to the Hall Park and  war memorial. The Hall Park interested me a lot with its maze as one of the cynosure. Through the park, I reached the war memorial for some snaps. Then again on my way back to the Mandurah Street, I came across the town center which had cinema halls, eateries, etc… There are splendid sunlight smitten beaches to thoroughly fulfill your desire to sunbathe. I mellowed down into the water activities like a kid and could never forget it for lifetime. It is an ideal place for water sports like swimming, kayaking, boating, diving, etc. It is also a perfect location for family picnics. The bird scenario is also quite enthralling to watch along the Peel region.

The life of this magnificent town revolves around festivals, carnivals, etc. and this all happens because of the warm people of the region, who form the backbone of those activities. Famous among them is the boat show and the Crab carnival.  I was lucky to be a part of the crab festival where I came to know about the world of crabs. Festivals and carnivals are the highlight of tour packages that I am fond of greatly. For every festival the town planners organize there is scheduled to be a package for the traveler.

The city has a relaxed coastline where it welcomes all the people around the globe to enjoy its natural assets. It is also rich in arts and culture. There is also education and employment opportunities for youngsters and there is much more they can do to better themselves. They should look into the sustainability initiatives and the connectivity possibilities where they lack most of all. Preservation of Mandurah’s natural assets like bush lands, waterways, etc are other factors the city should look into.

Mandurah’s accommodations are world famous for the hospitality and comfort they offer within the budget range. I truly appreciate the town and its future prospects. Though there is a possibility to improve on some fronts. If they go on with this kind of pace, the city has the possibility of becoming a haven for travelers from all around the globe.

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Greetings from your mandurah accommodation guru.


Esplanade Hotel Fremantle – A Magnificent Experience

Travelling is not an easy task in unknown locations… Not to mention the difficulty of finding good last minute accommodations. But I found a GREAT LAST MINUTE OFFER in this great hotel I’m going to review here: The Esplanade Hotel Fremantle.

You will have an in-depth and unbiased review,

Click here if you want just to reserve this LUXURY HOTEL or find other great last minute offers.Esplanade-Hotel-Fremantle (1)

When I have been to Perth, Western Australia there were lots of accommodations on offer, some of which I review or talk about in this site. To suit every traveler there are hotel rooms, self-catering cottages, luxury villas, holiday houses, holiday apartments. Mandurah was my holiday destination, probably the most famous among the holiday regions of Perth. Though one time I found a great offer in Fremantle, and I rather took it and drive 20 mins. to mandurah.

Esplanade Hotel Fremantle is a renowned hotel in the Perth region which has an easy passage to Perth CBD and its surroundings. It offers the best in the industry for a business and a regular traveler. It is a 4/5 star rated hotel. The ambience is elegant and the leisure accommodation culture it offers gives a  friendly and comfortable message to its guests. The hotel’s professional customer service is perfect as well.esplanade_hotel_fremantle2

The entrance to the hotel provides a luxurious plaza, which has been recently restructured, to offer extra space to guests to relax as soon as they check in. The lighting and décor is well maintained.

There are 300 guest rooms and hotel suites in the accommodation. The facilities include rooms with A/Cs, private balconies, internet availability, a bar, telephone, LCD TV, and self ironing facility. The main attractions of the hotel are a jacuzzi and a sauna, as well as rooms with spa baths INSIDE OF THEM.

For those magnificent business meetings and conferences, this hotel is perfect. the Esplanade Hotel is ranked third among the convention centers across Western Australia. There are three Different restaurants  -international to exotic cuisine-operating in the hotel premises.

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The Harbour Master: The historic atmosphere welcomes you where you can soak yourself in contemporary menus on offer. There are grilled steaks, luscious sea food, delicious pizzas, delectable pastas and wholesome desserts to munch on.

Marine Lounge Bar: This restaurant offers you a tempting alternative. It has a grazing menu with wines of local and international brands, spirits, cocktails… Jazz is played every Sunday here from 4-8 PM while you relish the Shiraz.

Atrium Garden Restaurant: Indulge in fresh local cuisine all days of the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has cold meats, salads, sea food, desserts and ice-creams, etc in our relaxing surroundings.

The famous visiting places of Fremantle are the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Markets and the Fremantle Prison, which are all just a few minutes away from the hotel.


Here you get pros and cons:


– High price when you don’t get the deal;

– Not in Mandurah;

– Not enough green spaces -It’s in a urban area.


-Great value for price when you get Last minute deals;

– Great variety of restaurants;

-Superb luxury of rooms with private saunas;

-Unbeatable for meetings, due to great conference rooms.

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Esplanade Hotel Fremantle is a holiday accommodation with cheap hotel deals. The hotel rooms are magnificent. To go to Mandurah this holiday rental is very much recommendable.

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Hope you enjoyed.

A short video on Mandurah:



Perth Notre dame wikipedia.


Bellavista – An Affordable Holiday Accommodation in Perth area

Bellavista Bed and Breakfast Mandurah is one of the most affordable hotel among the cheap holiday accommodations of Perth area.

Here you have an unbiased review,

Click here if you want to check Bellavista Bed and Breakfast out or reserve it.


I was the lucky one to have lodged in this hotel. There are many cheap holiday rentals, holiday houses, country cottages and great last minute deals to look in for in this beautiful town in the exotic Western Australia region.I find it an ideal place to unwind and rebound from the daily chores of restless life.

I enjoyed the location of the boutique hotel I’m reviewing, as it is just 50 minutes from Perth. You can either travel by train or your own car. I saw many taxis too plying between Perth and Mandurah.

I preferred Bellavista Bed and Breakfast through a travel website called www.hotelscombined.com which is reasonably a great platform for travelers of my kind. It allows you instant comparisons between Hundreds of hotels sorted by place, price, category, facilities…

Back to the Bed and Breakfast, the ambience is serene, as some of the guests call it “A Piece of Heaven”.Bellavista-Bed-and-Breakfast-Mandurah_70400_image

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The hotel looked modern with boutique facilities. I was mainly attracted towards the awesome swimming beaches which were close to the Bellavista hotel. I loved the reception greetings with an afternoon tea and chocolates on arrival. It was a delightful start for the stay.

The service was satisfactory and hospitality grateful. The Meadow Springs Golf Course was just on arms reach. Many a times I was enjoying the golf game sitting in the front of the balcony. a3891e At the patio spread across with greenery I enjoyed the barbeque during the night. The pool was also good to explore the vast swimming options. The top level of the hotel building has good aesthetically designed structures – guest bedrooms, lounge room, and dining space. Here I was offered a sumptuous meal with the background musicof birds chirping all through the meal time. Anytime during my stay I was ordering for coffee with biscuits in the room, and it was ALWAYS delivered on time. There was also an option of ordering tea.

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I entered the coastline and the fabulous central town of Mandurah through a stroll way which is 1.3 km from the hotel. I really relinquished the sun beaches and watery sea shores with plenty water sports to go about. The market area also offered a good number of cafeterias and restaurants which had enjoyable sea cuisines and delicacies.24-Bellavista-Parade-Meadow-Springs-WA-6210-Real-Estate-photo-1-large-6356859

Through the enjoyable and memorable stay at this cheap accommodation, I was impressed by the hospitality and customer service it promised. But I could not find the self catering option at Bellavista which would have been a boon for the hotel. No doubt, in the area there were luxury villas,  the abbey beach resorts, cottages on rent …. but I am gratified by this accommodation in Mandurah, Perth.

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The 2 Top Luxury Villas to Stay in Mandurah

Here in this Mandurah-lover post, I want to speak of some of the best Luxury villas and lavish hotels in the place. Again, this is a review and information site,

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The day I entered Mandurah, I got mesmerized by the excitement it conveyed. Its wide range of accommodations, tourist attractions, serene environments ….. are splendid.

At the Mandurah Street, I met other tourists, mostly they were from the Americas and EU. Two, among the five families I met, stayed at Waters Edge Luxury. And the other three stayed at Forte Mandurah Quay Resort. These are the top hotels of Mandurah, Perth. Here, luxury and high end accommodations are next to none, apart from the great ones mentioned, while there are cheap rooms aplenty.

Last minute accommodation bargains can be great also in the high-end accommodations.

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Waters Edge Luxury is a luxury accommodation with extravagant boutique services. They have three classes of holiday apartments to let out to tourists – by the Sea, by the Canal and by the Estuary. It offers a personalized management service where tailored attention is given at any point of time. One can also have a sight of beautiful dolphins and boats passing by the canal. What I have observed is that these kinds of accommodations are mostly catering to couples which they are calling as Romantic Packages. The décor and amenities at the hotel are appealing, with good quality furnishings. I met a couple who was staying in this accommodation and they described the experience ‘Awesome’. The hotel is trying to cater to every tourist devoid of their affordability, notwithstanding luxury and comfort. During public and school holidays the billing charges are different. If the hotel provided a BBQ in the veranda of the apartment and a heater for those cold winter nights, then it would have been a perfect one.

Click here to check it out.

Forte Mandurah Quay Resort is yet another luxury accommodation in Mandurah. Forte hospitality is the flagship management service offers Busselton accommodation, Mandurah accommodation and Margaret River accommodation.

In Mandurah, these luxury villas are beautifully located on the Peel inlet and protected by inland waterways.

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The resort has a self-contained spa with gymnasium and spacious well located rooms. The glimpses of the bird and kangaroo conservation zones are superb. The surrounding deep blue water beaches and top golf courses are equally fabulous to go by. The cuisine offered by the resort is delectable too but with a slice of patience. The customer service was not up to the mark with meagre staff and the interiors to be improved too.

I also noticed that mostly this accommodation is booked for private functions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays… So it’s a bit too cheery here during the night. The quay resort has private function hotel rooms, private boat camps, private marina for fishing and crabbing, BBQ facility by the pool, internet connectivity, etc. So for me it’s a complete home away from home, I will consider it when I will have some good last minute deals on it.

Hope you enjoyed this brief overview of the Luxury Villas in Mandurah.

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